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Located in the southeastern part of Mediterranean region surrounded has a border with Gaziantep city from west , north and eastsides and south side  with Syria

It is a worth city to visit with its historical tumuluses, castles, mosques and local  foods .

How to go Kilis ?

Buses from all around Turkey which  frequently  go to Gaziantep also  drive to Kilis. Regular minibuses which are  available every each hour from Gaziantep also can be taken to get Kilis.

By airway ; The closest airport which  is located in Gaziantep only  forty km far from the Kilis is another way to get the city.

What to do  and where to visit in Kilis ?

Spend a day in Akpinar and Sogutlu  recreation areas and go for picnic.

Taste the local Kebabs and desserts,

Visit the historical mosques and especially the Ravanda Castle.

Buy the hand made souvenirs  which reflects the art of the area.


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