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Guidelines for Travelling to Turkey with your pet

After meeting and fulfilling the requirements to take your pet to Turkey there will be a few important things you need to follow before and during the travel to Turkey.

* Before booking your flight be sure that the airline company allows you to carry pets with you in the cabin or company carries your pet in their special Cargo part.

* Inform the airlines, as early as possible, about your flight with pets in order not to encounter with an unexpected situation.

* Buy a  suitable cage ( carrier) according to the regulations and required size of the airline or Cargo company.

* Suggest to your vet and get Professional advice for your pet’s condition during the flight (food supply, water, medication, equipments etc.)

* It is alsore commended to give sleep pills to your pet during the flights.

* If you carry your pet with you in the cabin go with the cage through the customs and Show both yours and your pets documents ( No extra fee is charged)

* If your pet is carried by a Cargo or in the Cargo part you need to pick up your pet from the Cargo customs desk by paying a fee. Check the custom fees before you fly to Turkey.

* After getting Turkey with your cat or dog their health conditions can be controlled in vets which can be easily found in any place you go.

* Pet foods, pet supplies can be easily bought from the Super markets or pet shops.


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turkey pet policies
requirements to travel with a pet to Turkey seems very difficult and time consuming. no need to bother yourself before going a nice holiday. i will leave my baby to a 5 star pet hotel.