Karabuk > Mencilis Cave

Mencilis (Bulak) Cave


One of the most interesting place you can see and visit in Karabuk apart from the Safranbolu houses in the Mencilis Cave .  It is the 4th biggest  cave in Turkey with a total 2725 mt length. 350 mt of the total length is illuminated  and opened for visitors.


To get the entrance of the cave you need to step up the ladders and go up to the hill. This walk can be a bit exhausting so before starting to visit the cave you can sit on the terrace ; enjoy the amazing view and relax at the same time. 


When you enter the cave you will be hit  by a cool , chilly and refreshing wind. Accompanied by sound of the underground creek together with the magical atmosphere  formed by the lights in the cave  will make you enjoy and have a great  walk .


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