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Ingredients  (6 Servings)

250 gr Fava bean

1 Carrot

2 cloves garlic

1 small onion

2-3 table spoon olive oil

1 lemon

Directions / How to prepare fava ?

* Wash the Fava Beans and put them in a Saucepan

* Peel the Carrot, Garlics and onion and add it to the Saucepan

* Pour water over the ingredients untill 2 fingers above and start to boil.

* When the water started to boil in the pot, take away the foam formed on the top and add the 2-3 Tbsp olive oil then continue boiling over a low fire almost 1.5 hour

* When the ingredients softened enough start to  stir all fastly with a whisk until having a puree and add minced dill

* Pour the puree to a broad tray and leave it for cooling.

* When the fava in the tray stiffened, cut it in diamond or square shapes

* Pour olive oil and lemon juice on top and add some dill. ( It is ready to serve )

Bon appetit!



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