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Ingredients  (6 Servings)
250 g. Dried beans

1 water glass of vinegar

2 pcs Bell Pepper

1 large onion (Sliced )

1 dessertspoon salt

3 big tomato

3  eggs

1 bunch of chopped parsley

2 tbsp vinegar

24 pieces pitted black olive

Directions / How to prepare piyaz ?

* Clear the dried beans and soak them into water from one day before

* In the morning drain the water, wash the beans, put them in a Saucepan and boil the water over medium heat for 2.5 – 3 hours.

*  After boiling process is completed, open the lid and  leave the pot for a while for cooling.

* Pour it to colander and drain the water

* Put the beans back to the same saucepan and add 1 glass of vinegar, close the lid and leave it, wait for 2 hours.

* Clean the Bell peppers cut each into four pieces from the top and cut them like match sticks

* Stir cut peppers, sliced onions and salt,put them in a colander and wash, later take all to a pot

* Peel the tomatoes and slice them lenghtwise into six pieces

* boil the eggs 8 minutes, peel them and slice them (can be lenghtwise) into 4 pieces.

* put the Pepper, sliced onions, chopped parsley, salt, olive oil and 2 tbsp vinegar and stir all. ( It is ready for serving )

* Take as much as you wish from the mixture (Piyaz) to serving plate and decorate it with sliced tomatoes, eggs and pitted olives.

Bon appetit!


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