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Safranbolu  Houses


Safranbolu houses are one of the most important factor that puts Turkey forward in world’s cultural tourism with it’s unique  traditional Turkish architectural style .  


There are almost 2000 traditional Turkish houses available in the city center which were built in 18 and 19 centuries. Houses were grouped in 2  separate parts of Safranbolu. The first one is known as city and used for winters and second one is called as Summer house and used in summers.


Safranbolu is a model city for all people which  presents the traditional living style of Turkish people .  preserves the traditional Turkish urban scale features of community life, offering a historical and cultural works is a model city for all people. The success of the protection of this heritage with its rich cultural heritage and Safranbolu's reputation as a world city and a UNESCO World Heritage List and has improved it has become.


Walking in the streets of Safranbolu houses is a very different feeling hard to explain . You will have a journey to past .


You can start or end your trip to Safranbolu by getting up to Hidirlik hill where you can have a panoramic view of the Safranbolu and old houses while sipping your Saffron tea.


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