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Cacik is the healthiest drink /appetizer which has been used by Turks for centuries.

Ingredients  (4 Servings) – 15 minutes

4 pieces Cucumber

Half Bunch Fresh dill

500 g yoghurt

1 Tablespoon olive oil

5 cloves Garlic


Directions / How to make Cacik ?

* Put the Yoghurt to a large Bowl

* Add some water and make it watery /diluted

*  Peelthe cucumbers and cut them in a very small square shapes, add the cut cucumbers to diluted yoghurt. ( cucumbers can be grated as well )

* Smash the garlics with some  salt.

* Add the smashed garlics to the bowl and mix it to the yoghurt.

* mince the fresh dills

* Pour the Olive oil and add the minced fresh dills to the top .

* Your Cacik is ready. / Recommended to eat as cold as possible.

Bon appetit!

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