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Kanlica, is a beautiful seaside district located in the Anatolian side of Istanbul and district is especially famous for and well known with its yummy yoghurt.

Besides yogurt, district is also known with its cobbled streets dotted with innumerable flowers, historical mansions and Mihrabad grove.

The reputation of Kanlica yogurt comes from the milk of cows in the area. Due to the special grass eaten by cows  in the district, the colour of yogurt is a bit pinkish and very tasteful. You can try this wonderfull, unique yoghurt in thecafes and restaurants located by the seaside of Kanlica district.

The cafe of Ismail aga which has been serving its visitors since 1870 is a recommended place to sit and drink something.

If you are interested in fishing, Kanlica offers you a great opportunity for angling with rod among the glorious, historical mansions.

Another famous place to visit in Kanlica district is the Mihrabad grove. When you walk up to the slopes of the district you will reach the Mihrabad grove where you will be able to watch the most stunning view of Istanbul bosphorus.

How to get Kanlica ?

You can easily reach the Kanlica from anypart of Istanbul via available Public buses. If you have your own car, Just drive through Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge’s Asian side and follow the signs.

Where to Stay in Kanlica ?

A’jia boutique hotel which is originally a historical old Ottoman mansion is the best place to stay in Kanlica.


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