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Beykoz is the pearl of Istanbul with its green forests, woods, picturesque views, wonderfull recreational areas, long creeks, hiking trails, historical mansions and large hunting areas.

It is understood that Beykoz was also avery popular place for hunting and  recreational activities during the Ottoman period,  from the hunting lodges and summer houses built for the name of Sultans and Vezirs in the area

Where to visit in Beykoz ?

Beykoz kasri, Kucuksu kasri, Hidiv Kasri, Anadolu Hisari, Mihrabat woods, Polonezkoy national park, Goksu creek, Anadolukavagi, Elmas burnu, Iskender Pasha mosque, Mihrisah Sultan fountain are therecommended places to visit in Beykoz.

Where is Beykoz ?

Beykoz, situated on the Northwestern edge of Istanbul’s Asian side, surrounded by Cekmekoy, Uskudar, Umraniye on the South, Istanbul strait on the West, Sile on the east and Black sea on the North.

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