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Polonezkoy, which also known as Adampol, isa  small village just located at the back garden of Istanbul and achieved to protect the green colour of nature.

Polonezkoy is a village very interestingly populated by Polish people. When the Poland occupied by Austrians and Russians in 1774, Ottomans opened its doors for the Polish refuges and allocated them the today’s Polonezkoy area. Polish people have been living for centuries peacefully in this wonderfull land.

If you want to run away from the crowd and noise of Istanbul, Polonezkoy will be welcoming you with its all tranquility and silence.

What to do in Polonezkoy ?

* A Daily visit for a picnic or breakfast

* You can rent a horse and ride a horse in the nature

* Take a round trip with a horse- drawn carriage ( Fayton )

* Visit the Zofia Teyze’s house

* Visit the Czestochowa church

* Cycling, Hiking, Climbing, running area the sport activites recommended in Polonezkoy

How to go Polonezkoy ?

If you are in European side, Pass the Fatihsultan Mehmet Bridge and turn from Kavacik turnout and follow the Riva road, on the way of Riva, follow the signs to get the Polonezkoy


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22 Şubat Cuma, 2013
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Cesar Castillero
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istanbul "off the beaten path"
Polonezkoy is the ideal place for the ones looking off rhe beaten paths od istanbul.