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Kahramanmaras and the surrounding area situated in the Mediterranean climate zone however compared to other cities in the area Kahramanmaras weather conditions are a bit cooler.


City is very rich in view of springs, rivers ,  water sources and fertile soils therefore agriculture is very much developed in the area.


It is understood from the findings in the area first settlements in the area dates back to Paleolithic era and life continued in the next Neolithic and Bronze ages.


Cimmerians , Meds , Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines , Seljuks and Ottomans had dominated the area and left their cultural and structural marks untill Today.



Kahramanmaras is a very popular place both in Turkey and world with it’s unique maras ice cream made by orchid favours . There are also plenty of Plateus and caves in the area worth to see by visitors.


City was used to called as Maras untill 1973 and It was decided by the Grand national Assembly of Turkey to annexed the word Kahraman ( Hero in Turkish ) and called as Kahramanmaras. This honourable title was given to city because of the heroic fight  of the locals during the Independance war against French army.  

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