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Nightlife in Antalya

The nightlife in Antalya beats more than a several centres. Especially in summer times, many bars,clubs and discos filled with full of energy are located in the marinas and kaleici, very popular and visited by thousands of fun seekers.  

The nights meet with the mornings together with non stop high volumed musics and different dances also in surrounding district centers, mainly in Kemer and Titreyengol.

The night clubs in Antalya marina also offers both Turkish and foreign live musics song by popular bands. If you are looking more for techno, Rock, hip hop musics, places inY acht harbour of Antalya which also visited by mainly foreign tourists will be the address for you.

Kaleici is more popularwith its small, friendly, cozy English, Irish pubs and Traditional restaurants ( Meyhanes) where you can enjoy the authentic slow Turkish musics.

Briefly Antalya
has a very wide range of nightlife according to any interest and any people. The big clubs in Antalya also very popular with the dazzling  dance and revue shows.

There are also tour agencies which organise night club tours for 30 to 70 Tl ( 15-35€),including a free local drink and transportation services from your hotel.

If you prefer to go alone for a popular club or disco you will most likely asked for a woman partner to be accepted inside however clubs applying entrance fees do not require a woman partner.

Popular bars, clubs and discos in Antalya are;

Ally Club, ArmaClub, Aora Disco, Inferno Disco, Club 29, Jolly joker Rock bar.


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Petra Gsinn
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What to do in Antalya
Antalya offers myriad of things to be done in the area and crazy parties in wonderfull clubs take the first position among these things. Do not leave the Antalya without dancing in and under the foams