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Lake Egirdir


It is  one of the most important lake in the Lakes region and Turkey. It is the 4 largest lake in Turkey  with a surface area of ​​4 517 km2.

The north-south lenght is 50 km and east – west width is 3-15 km long. The lake is 916 m above sea level ocated in the middle of the
Isparta city ,  between the Sultan and Karakus Mountains .


Average depth of the lake is 12 mt and max. Depth reaches to 16.5 m. There are to small islands found in the lake ; one is called Green island and the other one is called Can island and islands now started to connect to main land as a peninsula due to the water insufficiency.

Mostly living fish species in the lake are ; Carp, shiraz and pike .


You can go for a hiking and camping around the lake.  It is recommended to go the most intact part of the lake which is the northern area to have a wonderfull view and peacefull atmosphere.

You can reach the northern side of the lake  by walking through the  villages over gelendost county.

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