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Isparta is a land of , natural, cultural , historical beauties and richness. History of the province, goes back to prehistoric periods. The city which is called as “Baris” in ancient times, bears the imprint of many great civilizations such as Lydians, Phrygians , Persians , Romans , Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans .


The  extensive history have  enriched the city. Before the Republic; area was a district of Konya province and called as Hamidabad . After  Turkish republic Founded in 1923  It  was detached and named as "Isparta".


Isparta , the land of roses and lakes located in the western Mediterranean region has a rich flora and fauna.


Popularity of rose growing in Isparta has developed the rose industry in the city. Rose oil and all kinds of rose products consumed in the domestic market and also exported to all over the world. In addition ; With an annual production of 550 thousand tons of apple Isparta is in the first  rank in view of apple-producing in the Turkey.


There are national parks ,and many lakes  within the boundaries of city. Egirdir , Kovada  and Golcuk lakes are called as  "gold triangle". Isparta is a city which has the most lakes and ponds in the World.


Hand made carpets and rugs with the traditional motifs of the Isparta are also very famous and  recommended to buy.



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Turkey travellers
isparta, only a few hundred miles further than Antalya and inner part of Turkey is absolutely an off the beaten path. People are so much friendly,welcoming and curious. Language is barrier but mutual real, innocent feelings break down all barriers there.