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Uchisar, located at the skirts of the highest fairy chimney around, is originally a stone Age settlement. A natural castle over looking the valley, Uchisar is 10 kilometers to Nevsehir city centre.

Uchisar peak is the most attractive point of the whole region, full of fascinating cave-like formations all around.

Lying on the skirts of Uchisar is the Guvercinlik valley ( the valley of Pigeons ), which has been home to thousandas of pigeons for many years. Signs of birds settlement  can be seen on the rocks which has many holes carved in – basically the nests. The christians, who abided here throughout the eight and ninth centuries, used pigeon manure to fertilize the soil. As the land is formed due to the volcanic activity and completely covered with volcanic rocks, the soil is not fertile at all. Therefore, the people of the land were driven to grow pigeons for their manure. They could easily carve holes in the rocks and thus provide shelter for pigeons, which they needed fort he sake of their living.

The valley has many tunnels that are carved naturally by underground rivers. Most of these tunnels are easy to walk along even on the back of a horse. It is perfect for lingering and taking time for watching around or shooting photographs. There are several points on three-kilometre road between Uchisar and Goreme that allows you to have a bird’s eye view of Uzundere and Avcilar Valleys.


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