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Special Things To Do in Cappadocia

You should not leave without tasting the wine produced from the local grapes, (Bogazkere, Okuzgozu, Kalecik Karasi). These wines are among the choice of gourmets everywhere around Turkey. That  the region is very important in wine production has been celebrated by the famous local wine factory, which sells its wines out to many places. The factory has a special sales Office where you can taste the wines and get to know about many authentic accessories related to wine.  


Do not leave the shop without buying a souvenir for yourself or for your beloved.

Walking along the streets of Urgup’s market, you can find antique goods, dated copper materials, silver jewellery, Virgin Mary icons, kilims and more.

Urgup is also famous for its local cuisine, which boasts delicious dishes such as lamb cooked on tile, chicken, mushrooms, trout, casserole, apricot and pea stew, beans tandoori, and more. Do not leave without tasting Testi Kebabi( Kebab cooked in sealed clay pots)

This type of kebab is originally special to Yozgat; however, it has come to be associated with Nevsehir region. Testi kebabi is a ritual from the preparation phase to its presentation on the table. It includes lamb meat, mushrooms, aubergines tomatoes, peppers, garlic and butter. These ingredients are cooked in a sealed clay pot for 4 to 5 hours. It is served in clay pot  which you need to break in order to attain the delicious kebab inside.

Wandering along the valleys of Cappadocia, scrutinizing fairy chimneys, exploring underground cities are extraordinary experiences but still there is more to see from an aerial view. Many companies organise balloon tours that offer a perfect aerial view of the region. It is is highly recommended to try this breathtaking unique experience that will take you above the clouds.


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wines of cappadocia
Cappadocia is also very famous with its unique wines produced by special grapes of region. If you have time try to find and buy a home made wine from locals.