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Shopping in Cappadocia

Pots of Avanos, dolls of Soganli, carpets and kilims of the region, fairy chimney figurines, statuettes carved from onxy marble, antique goods and of course local wines of region are the main things to buy as an unforgettable memory of a wonderfull trip to Cappadocia.

Where to buy in Cappadocia ?

* Pottery can be either bought from small workshop sor big ceramic companies located in Avanos region. Firca ceramic, Elma ceramic, Venessa Ceramic and Chez Galip are the popular big companies mostly preferred by tourists.

* Kocabag and Turasan are the popular companies where you can buy the most delicious wines of the region. Turasan located in Urgup district and Kocabag in Uchisar.

* Rugs and carpets can be bought in Avanos district from 54 Bazaar or Sentez Carpet companies and in Urgup distrit from  Hadosan carpet company

* souvenirs and authentic items of the region can be found and bought in any part of the Cappadocia region.

* If you are interested in buying jeweleries from Cappadocia region, AGAD jewelry located in Avanos offers a wide range of  unique samples is recommended to visit.

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Cappadocia Turkey
Wine with rasberry flavor is best wine ever must be purchased before returning from this heavenly place