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Underground Cities of Cappadocia

Underground cities of Cappadocia being as much as interesting also give important tips about the living in the area. Although there are hundreds of underground cities in Cappadocia, Derinkuyu and Kaymakli , located 10 kilometers away from each other differ from others with their well preserved conditions and restored looks.

The main purpose of the underground cities is; defense against enemies, invaders and intruders. The first construction date of the underground cities are not clear however it is thought that the history of underground cities dates back to Hittites period. But all the real findings from the underground cities are belong to  5-10 century A.D which means to Byzantine period. The number of  underground cities which oftenly used as refuge and for religious purposes are increased during this period.

Christian communities living in Cappadocia, that faced the Arab-Sassanian incursions in 7th. Century, had been forced to retreat their hiding places which dug into underground. The long, wild incursions and attacks forced the people to stay longer periods in these underground cities. As long as they stayed undergrounds; the living conditions, defensive structures, worshipping places and a lot more are improved and developed in underground cities.

These underground cities are extended and developed every each century and became a perfect living area. It is also known that the Seljuks used these underground cities for military purposes and they built Caravanserais just 5-10 km nearby.


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Cappadocia up and down
When exploring Cappadocia, keep in your mind there are many more things to see under the soil as many as up on the ground.