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Fairy Chimneys

Fairy chimneys which are also known as hoodoos in Geology are the  interesting volcanic rock formations, generally in shape of a long, thin rock with a hood – like rock on it.

Formations of Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia

The Geological formation of Cappadocia region started 60 millions of years ago and formation is still in process since that time. Erciyes, Hasandag and Golludag mountains were active volcanoes that erupting lavas. The volcanic ashes spreaded from the eruptions were collected on the ground of Plateau and formed a soft, easily carved tuffa layer. Tuff layer was covered with a thin lava which in some parts composed of hard Basalt. In millions of years ground has been eroded by rain floods, river flows and strong winds.  The soft tuf part of the ground excessively exposed from these erosion but at the same time the hard basalt rocks on the tuf layer were resisted to erosions and left intact on the top of the eroded conical tuffs. These conical tuff formations carrying a hat like basalt rock block on them used to be called as fairy chimneys by locals of Cappadocia.

The areas where not covered with basalt or other hard rocks are turned into valleys and canyons with interesting views.

Fairy chimneys mostly can be seen in the Triangle of Uchisar, Urgup , Avanos districts. Beside Kayseri Soganli Valley and Aksaray Selime are the another important places where you can see the formations of Fairy chimneys.



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