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Saricicek village and Houses

Located 50 km away from Gumushane city center . To get the Saricicek village you need to drive in the Direction of Gumushane – Erzurum road and turn from 20th km to Yagmurdere direction and the road will take you to village.

Sarıcicek Village has a striking beauty with almost 60 natural village houses and 2 special houses  where built on terraces on the mountainside down to the emerald green valleys .

Houses were built in 1873 with a design reflecting all the details of the local Turkish traditions.The colourfull interior decoration of the houses make you feel you are in a palace  more than a village .

Architects and the ones interested in art should see these houses and spend a night in the village with locals to see the hospitality of the Turkish people.

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