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Giresun Island


An island situated  a mile  away from shore in the open water and it is  the only livable  island in the Eastern Black Sea . It is also known as  Aretias, Areos,  Nesos and Arionesos. The area covered by the island is raoughly  40,000 m2.


According to legend ;  Hercules during the expedition of the  Golden Fleece had fought in the Giresun island with  man-eating birds. In addition, female warriors who are known as Amazons, used the island as a base.


The  island which is considered to be sacred by locals  is covered by defending walls and ruins belonging to  palaces and monasteries can be seen  in the island.


There is a cafe and buffet opened  in summer times for visitors of the island. Tent and picnic areas are also available for the ones who wants to spend a night in the island.


Every year  in 20th of May when the Aksu Festival is held tens of boats go around the island is a worth to see moment.



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