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Before you Buy a Tour in Turkey

Hundreds of travel agencies and thousands of tour guides from all around Turkey take part in travel organizations and they offer hundreds of different tours with different itineraries and different prices. Quality of hotels, number of meals, comfort of transport vehicles, number of participants, experience of guide, entrance fees are the main factors that effect a price and quality of a tour.

Here is a Checklist Before joining a tour in Turkey;

* Check all the details of tour itinerary and confirm the consistency of the times in the itinerary.

* Learn about the brand of transport vehicle, size of the vehicle, number of the seats and ask how many of the seats will be filled.

* Check if the meals are included or not. If the meals are included, learn about the facilities ( open buffet or ordered from menus ,names of the restaurants, drinks are included or not )

* If it is a multi-day tour, learn about the quality of hotels ( how many stars, location, comfort, facilities etc.)

* Check the reviews and testimonials about the company from internet.

*  Be sure you will not be surprised and annoyed with a cancellation after you pack everything and get ready for the tour. ( If it is possible get a written confirmation for a guaranteed departure)

* Read the Policies, Term & Conditions before signing the tour contract and make the payment.

* Ask about shopping stops! (where do they stop, when they stop, how long do they stay) – As the agencies planning to earn Money from the comissions of the shoppings of visitors They decrease the price of tour package however same time the shopping stops increase and sometimes these stops can be really a pain in the ass. So learn all details about shopping stops during a tour.

* If possible meet with your guide and have an idea about his language skills and experiences.

* Ask if the entrance fees are included or not. if not learn the total coast of all extra fees.

*** Briefly, learn as much as you can about a tour before you go, not to confront with an unwanted situation.


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