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 Double Minarets Madrasa - Erzurum


Double Minarets (Hatuniye Madrasa), located in the province of Erzurum in Turkey. Belongs to the Seljuk period.  This master piece have succeed to  preserve its existence until today  and has become a symbol of the province of Erzurum. It is  visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year.


This structure is one of the most important and biggest masterpieces of art in Anatolia and it was built in 1253 by the  Hudavent Hatun who is the daughter of Alaeddin Keykubat there fore it is also known and called like “Hatuniye Madrassa”


 It is situated in Erzurum city center just next to great Mosque and across the Erzurum castle and Clock tower.


Two   minarets each 26 mt height and  decorated with colorful tiles gave the name to this historical monument.  Structure has  a wide Courtyard, two-story, four-iwan , 37 rooms and a mosque.


It is built on an area of​​;  1824 m2 (38m x 48 m) . It is the  largest example of a Madrasah with an open courtyard in Anatolia .


Cylndiric Minarets are decorated with mosaic tiles and the name of God , Muhammed and four Califes were written on these minarets.

The entrance gate in the northern front is a complete work of art. Most  spectacular part of the gate is the facade decorated with  dragon , eagle  and life tree motifs


Besides opened for tourists and visitors Today Madrasah also used as a meeting place in big organizations.


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