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Tortum Waterfall


Tortum Lake  formed  as a result of the landslide (which occured on a mountain in the west of the  Balikli village ) fell over the Tortum creek in the mid 1700s .


Tortum waterfall formed by the water which poured after passing the landslide mass  and TeV Valley .  Water falls over 48 mt height from a 22 mt width area.

The falling water and water drops create a shiny colourfull rainbow and a giant water pool at the bottom.


There is a picnic place in the region opened for the Tortum waterfall visitors and  people can  also go to  terrace built  just under the falls  in order to watch the amazing view .

Following the steps from top will lead you to the bottom of  the waterfall and the stairs located next to it will take you up to the top.


The flow and fall of the Tortum is much more stronger in springs because of the melting snows and when watching the stunning view from the Balcony you will get wet with the splashes of the water.


It is also rumoured that the people who suffers from breathing and heart diseases after  getting to the bottom of the waterfall are being cured from the healing effects of the water and nature.


How to go Tortum ?


From Erzurum Bus station you can catch a minibus going to Uzundere district which is 85 km away from Erzurum city center.  After getting Uzundere you can pick up a taxi or public transport to Tortum waterfall which is in a distance of 35 km away.



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