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Historical Bazaars in Elazig

Historical Coppers Bazaar and Traditional shoemakers bazaar are the must places to visit in the Elazig city center.

You can watch the manual production of a raw copper  turning to  a masterpiece by the very talented hands . Traditional copper house goods,  decorative copper gifts ,  coffee mills etc. are recommended to buy.

Traditional shoe makers Bazaar  is the another place to visit before it`s too late. Only a few old aged shoe makers  still trying to survive among many modern shops with massive factory products.  If you have time ;  go and sit with one of these old men and smell the nice scents of the leather and glue in their small cottage like stores and watch how talented they are when they are creating a new work of art.  

You will experience the living history when wandering in and around these historical bazaars.


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