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Akcakoca district attracts and impresses thousands of people with  the unique natural beauty of the Black Sea together with  Sandy beaches , Fishing Shelters , fish species, Civil and Religious Architectures, Picnic Areas,  friendly and welcoming people and special foods .


Akcakoca is a small and pretty holiday district located at the  western part of the Black Sea region.  District is the closest place to sea from Anatolia and it is in such a position where the blue of sea and green of nature merges between two  big cities;( Istanbul and Ankara )  .


How to go Akcakoca ?


Akcakoca is the largest  district of Duzce city and can be reached by  37 km drive from the city center. There are also minibuses available from Duzce city center  to reach the district.


Akcakoca is the only tourist center in the Black sea cost that deserves to have a blue flag. There are many beaches along  the 35 km long  coast of district. There are many Sea-cliffs  formed by the strong , majestic waves of Black sea.  The highest of these cliffs is the one with 30 mt height located between the Genoese castle and Degirmenagzi areas.  Together with cliffs many rock caves seen along the seaside are called like Seal rocks.



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