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Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar also known as Egyptian Bazaar ( Misir Carsisi in Turkish) is located in Eminonu district just behind the Yeni Cami (New Mosque) and next to  the Flower Market.  It is one of the oldest covered bazaar of Istanbul that built in 1660. 

Market was the place where the various spices that brought from egypt and sold but today number of spice sellers visibly decreased in the market yet the magical exotic scents of spices are enough to make dizzy all visitors upon entrance.

In addition to spices; Turkish delights, sweets, natural medicines, flower seeds, dried fruits, roots of rare plants are sold in the market. 

This market is still of course the famous Aktarlarıyla drugs, spices, flowers, seeds, rare plants, such as roots and barks, as well as traditional products, dried fruits, cold meats, various food items are sold.

If you are not a shopaholic 45 min-1 hour will be enough to wander around in Spice Bazaar. Bargaining is recommended

Spice Bazaar is opened from 08:30 until 19:00 everyday. ( no closed day )


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