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Galata Bridge

"Galata Bridge", spanning the  Eminonu district which located in historical peninsula to Karakoy district is a bridge built over the Golden Horn.

There has been several bridges built over Golden horn since centuries which the first dates back to 6th century yet all were  ruined from different reasons. The latest and 5th bridge over Golden horn is the one still standing today was built in 1994 has  a total 490 m length and 42m width.

Galata Bridge is an interesting bridge where you can go for line-fishing, eating in a restaurant located under it or watch the breathtaking view of golden horn and take wonderfull shots.

If you are a traveller interested in fishing and meeting with locals just buy  a cheap fishing rode and go to Galata bridge, get some fishing worm from the sellers on the bridge and leave yourself into a unique experience. If you have a luck fishing day at the end you can take your fresh fishes to one of the restaurant below and get it cooked for you there.


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8 Haziran Cumartesi, 2013
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Nicole Easton
Message :
Istanbul places to see
The smell of fresh fish and sea smashing your face through a soft wind while walking over the Galata bridge is so appealing that will unconsiously make you walk to closest fish restaurant.

21 Mayıs Salı, 2013
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Tiffany Thronesberry
Message :
Galata Istanbul
dinner we had in the restaurant under the Galata bridge was amazing. Still craving for the yummy mezzes.