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Karahayit is a small town situated 5 km northernside of Pamukkale . District is like the accommodation place for the  Pamukkale visitors.  Many luxurious hotels with high quality amenities are welcoming the visitors both from Turkey and foreign countries.


Karahayit is also very well known and popular place with the scarlet red coloured travertines and hot springs therefore district is known as kizilsu (  scarlet –rusty coloured water ) . Red travertines are  formed around a hot spring source with 60 Centigrades water temperatures.

Red , green and white coloured  travertines are formed due to the metal oxides in the water.


The healing effects of the hot springs in karahayit also attracts many people who suffers from back pains, arthritis etc.


Where to stay in Karahayit ( hotels in Karahayit )



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