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Black Sea Climate : The climate is mainly effective on the slopes of North Anatolian Mountains overlooking to Blacksea, General Features of Black Sea climate include;.

 Every Season is rainy. Max. Rain in the Eastern Black Sea region falls in the autumn and minimum rain falls in the spring. Annual rainfall is about 2000-2500 mm. Western Black sea climate characteristics are similar to Eastern Black Sea region and max. Rainfall is in autumn and min. Rainfall is in Spring, average annual rainfall is between 1000-1500 mm. In the Middle of Black sea region, Maximum rainfalls are in winter and minimum rainfalls are in summer. Annual rainfall is in middle Black sea region is between 700-100 mm.


* Average snowy days in the areas where Black Sea climate is effective is 18.

* The average annual temperature is 13-15 °C

* Average temperature in January is 6-7 °C

* Average temperature in July is 21-23 °C

* The annual temperature difference is 13-15 °C

* The natural vegetation is forest and in high points alpine meadows forms the flora.

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