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Bolu Golcuk

Golcuk  an artificial lake situated  13 km south of Bolu. Around the lake are covered with pine and fir trees. The view of the lake especially in winters under the snow is  spectacular. Golcuk surface covers an area of ​​45 thousand square meters.  One of the two structures located on the lake shore is the  nice guest house which draws the attention with its architecture , belonging to Ministry of Forestry and a rural simple guest house.

Nearby picnic tables, parking lot, a buffet and  fountains found. Driving a car is not allowed in the golcuk area that`s why  Golcuk has a very clear air and very silent area.  Golcuk is a very ideal place for  walking and having a  comfortable rest.  The healing waters , clear air and amazing landscape of the Golcuk will be like  a medicine , for the ones who has health problems and who is fed up with the chaotic life in big towns.  Camera shooters and photo enthusiasts will be leaving here with great pictures.

How to go Golcuk;

Golcuk is 205 km away from Ankara and 250 km from Istanbul.  After  passing the Camlica toll follow the route to Bolu mountain signs will lead you to Golcuk. Be cautios and pay attention to fog and Traffic jam.


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