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When to Go Fethiye ?

Fethiye is under the effect of Mediterranean climate type all year around. Summers are hot and dry, winters  are mild and rainy. Fethiye is a great destination where people can have a nice holiday in every season of the year. The average temperatures in summers in Fethiye change between 30 to 40 °C . The hottest months of Fethiye are july and August in which temperatures sometimes hit over 45 °C therefore these months  mostly preferred by people and nationalities who really enjoy the hot weather conditions such as Turks, Russians etc.  

The periods between "mid-april/June" and "september/mid-october" are relatively more suitable for a good holiday with good weather conditions and these periods are mostly preferred by nationalities who really do not like the very hot weather conditions such as Germans, English, Belgian and Dutch etc..

The sea temperatures are getting warmer towards  hot summer months which means the sea still be cold in April and May.

Winters are mild and rainy in Fethiye yet most of the Holiday resorts are closed as they only  designed for summers with open air facilities thus visitors generally accommodate in small boutique hotels.

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15 Ekim Salı, 2013
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Kevin seagen
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paragliding festival in Fethiye
I'm pretty excited to join the fest of paragliders that will be started a few days later in Fethiye. I'll b one of the flyer greeting you over the fantastic oludeniz view from Belgium. I'll await your supports :))