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Places to visit in Bitlis


Narlıdere (Kasrik) Bridge:


This magnificent structure  located in the Narlidere village on the way from  Bitlis to Baykan . Unfortunately there is no inscription written on it to identify the date it built however when the bridge’ s architectural characteristics are considered it can be said that the bridge was built in 17th century.


Ahlat Museum :


Museum, located just next to Seljuk cemetery which  located approximately 200 acres . In the museum ; historical , archaeological and ethnographic artifacts on display belonging to Urartiam , Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman eras.


Bitlis Castle :

Located on the steep slopes just accros to Bitlis city center. Bitlis castle was built in 312 B.C by Leys Bedlis ( one of the general of Alexander the great ). It is not possible to visit inside of the castle while it is filled with soil however the view over the castle is fantastic.


Other places to see and visit in Bitlis city are;


Ihlasiye Madrasa, Madrasa Nuhiye, serefiye Madrasa, Yusufiye Madrasa , Seljuk mausoleums and cemetery , hamams and definetely  Ahlat “ .



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