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When to Go Bodrum ?

As Bodrum is a very popular tourist destination especially which preferred by Turkish people, it is  highly populated in summer times when the schools are closed (mid-june untill mid-september) for summer holidays. In addition to being crowded, Bodrum in the same time is under the  effect of very hot and dry weather conditions in summers which makes quiet difficult a nice and relaxing holiday.

The average temperatures in Bodrum in June changes between 20-30 °C , in july 25-35 °C and August 28-38°C which mean weather is not good for the ones who do not love hot weather.

The Hotel prices, eating out and drinking prices are also quiet expensive and tripled in summers compared to  beginning and end of season.

Considering all these conditions ( crowded, hot weather and high prices) in my opinion, the best months to visit bodrum will be May, September and October.

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29 Haziran Pazar, 2014
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joshua aragones
Message :
Bodrum Turkey holidays
it is over 40 degrees now.. and i even hardly breath. no way to stand out for more than 30 minutes. though enjoying the posh crowd of the bitez beach and grat coctails of my bartender.

17 Nisan Çarşamba, 2013
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James Piddy
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best time to visit bodrum, Turkey
i'm a freak of sun, hot, crowd and party thus best time for me to go Bodrum is July. Every year 2 weeks unlimited sun and party beginning from the first of July. Can't wait anymore ..