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A recreation and camping area located 28 km away from Marmaris in dense pine forests surrounding a gleamy blue sea and bay. Shower , wc, electricity, laundry, scullery, dining room and cafeteria services are provided in Camping area yet as they  only meet the basic requirements for living Inbuku willl not be an appropriate place for the ones looking for more.

Although there is no entertainment venue, the nights of Inbuku are maybe more enjoyable with the campers who gathered on beach, set a fire, playing guitar and singing  in the night all together.

How to get to Inbuku ?

Minibuses that shuttle every 30 minutes between Marmaris and Datca stops nearby Inbuku. After getting out from minibus you need to walk 15 minutes down to the Inbuku bay.

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11 Haziran Salı, 2013
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Justin Stanfield
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Turkish beaches
Inbuku very fortunately is not a popular beach that not effected by the deterioation of the people. Camping in inbuku should be experienced.