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Marmaris Beaches

Paradise Island, which actually is a peninsula completely  covered with pine trees can be reached after a 30 minutes journey from Marmaris. It is a very nice spot for swimming and fun. frequented by tour boats throughout the season.

Phosphorus Cave which is a popular beaten place visited by boat tours from Turunc andk umlubuk, is a natural cave including aquarium-like blue and turquoise colored water to provide perfect swimming

Icmeler which only 10 km from Marmaris center draw  attention with its nice beaches as much as its entertainment venues and restaurants.

Turunc  a wonderfull area honoured with a blue flag which proves the cleanliness of sea and beach

Kumlubuk where the green and blue intertwined in the region is one of the most popular beach with its clean sea and clear beach.

Ciftlik which can be reached after 2 hours sail, is the favourite bay of Yachts and Gulets.

Gunnucek only 2 km away from Marmaris is a national Park that covers a veryl arge area. The seldom seen trees in the Gunnucek makes the area priviliged.

Yalanci Bogaz ( Fake Strait ) a piece of land which situated 8 km from Marmaris. In a stormy weather a captain who thought of this land as a strait opening to bay, stranded his ship here. After this incident it was started to be called as a Fake strait one of the must sees in Marmaris holidays.

Marmaris Public Beach  that lies in the city center infront of the restaurants and bars is the easiest beach to go for swimming whenever you want.

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6 Nisan Cumartesi, 2013
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Nickel Hansen
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best beach in marmaris
Turunc has the best beach of Marmaris with its lazy atmosphere and shining sea.