Turkish Tv Series > Karadayi - القبضاي - Карадай

Karadayi (2012 )

Production company: AY production

Director: Cem Karci, Uluc Bayraktar

Scenario: Eylem Canpolat, Sema Ergenekon

Producer: Kerem Catay

Types : Love, drama


A young man’s  “ Mahir” life, who happily lives with his family in 70’s was changed with a tragic situation occurred in one of the happiest moment of his life, during his engagement. His father was accussed and jailed for a murder which he has no relevance. That day the life of Mahir totally changed. He dedicated his life to save his father and prevent all the corruptions in the judicial system. He gave up from his loves, future, dreams and everything. He only has one target, finding the real murderer.

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25 Nisan Cuma, 2014
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Lina Halaby Alawar
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office technician
The series of the karadavi in arabic is not programed on the dish channel in the correct time so we can't program it on my TV so please take action to check on it in the dish network. All the customer that are watching this program say the same thing. so please we ask you to take care of this problem because we as PAID PAID Customers we should be able to watch it with no problems because other show are be placed at the same time. I have not been able to watch my series for about 8 weeks. I kno