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A.S.K ( LOVE ) Turkish Tv series

Production Year: 2013

Production company: Gold Film

Director: Oktay Baspinar, Omur Atay

Scenario: Evren Sit

Producer: Faruk Turgut

Types: Love, Drama


When you asked people about what is more powerful than money ? what can not be bought with money ? some will say happiness, some will say health and most will say LOVE… Is it really True ?

Azra ( Hazal Kaya ) and Kerem ( Hakan Kurtas ) who have nothing except their loves. They two had met in the sports academy never broke up since than and firmly clasped each other however the conditions of reality and life is getting worse and worse every each day. Azra  hardly looks after herself and her mother with the money she earned from tennis instructions while  Kerem desperately in search of a job.

One day, Azra met with a girl ( Sebnem ) who is very rich and  was born in a wealthy family though she never become happy and beyond all she had terminal illness. Sebnem does not want to die before she becomes happy and feels real love.

It was maybe a chance of their life to Azra and Kerem in order to save their love and embrace a life without thinking the financial problems.

The most difficult question is; if Azra can sacrifice her love to save her love and life. Can anyone dare to do such an impossible thing ?


Nebahat Cehre  (Neslihan Vural)

Hazal Kaya  (Azra)

Hakan Kurtas  (Kerem)

Kaan Urgancioglu  (Can Vural)

Asli Tandogan  (Sebnem)

Erkan Can


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