Turkish Tv Series > Bugunun Saraylisi - из сегодняшних придворных - ‫ مسلسل قصور اليوم

Bugunun Saraylisi ( Today’s Palace owner ) Turkish Tv series

Year: 2013

Production company: Avsar Film

Director: Kudret Sabanci


It’s a story of  hidden love which starts after the arrival of nephew of the Mr Ata who lives in an old humble kiosk in Istanbul by the sea.

The series will grip  your souls with the thrilling inner conflicts of characters, hidden feelings and deep loves. You will also take a journey to 1940s with the portraits of the house, clothes of characters and old wooden houses.  



Selcuk Yontem

Ali Ersan Duru

Onur Tuna

Cansu Tosun

Nazan Kesal

Gozde Cigaci

Serhat Teoman

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