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Arka Sokaklar

لأزقة الخلفية- Backstreets-переулки.

2006- present

Production company: Erler Film

Director: Orhan Oguz

Scenario: Ahmet Yurdakul, Ozan Emre Yurdakul, Tolga Aydogan

Producer: Turker Inanoğlu

Genre: Thriller, Crime  

Istanbul  a magical, enormous  city  still defying against the passing  centuries .  Our brave polices who challenge any evil and any trouble for the sake  of making this great City more peacefull and greater for the people living in it.  

A special Istanbul police team  runs and searches  all the corners and backstreets of Istanbul  to fight against illegal actions. This special team during their missions encounters with very different stories of people and situations which some are funny, some dangerous and some saddening.

Captain Mr Riza who is more experienced and eldest of all in the team is the leader and helps all other members to show the right way and give the best decision. Captain Riza is also like the real father of the team,  in case of  any personel trouble of the team members he is always the one visited to get advised.

This team is more like a family which supports each other in any situation and helps each other  when someone stumbled.

You will be plunged into a various adventures in the streets of Istanbul  and be  a guest to the homes and lifes of all the special team members while watchin this great tv series.

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