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Muhtesem Yuzyil - Harim Soltan - Сулейман Turkish Tv series

Year: 2011

Production company: TIMS Productions

Director: Durul Taylan, Yagmur Taylan

Scenario: Meral Okay, Yilmaz Sahin

Producer: Timur Savci

Types: History, Love, intrigues


Suleiman the Magnificent, one of the most powerful and longest reigning Sultan of the Ottoman empire who spread fear to all his enemies, handcuffed by the love of Hurrem Sultan.

Hurrem Sultan who is originally Ukrainian and named Alexandra firstly brought to Harem as a slave to serve the Suleiman Sultan and in time she achieves to steal the heart of this great Sultan of Great empire.

Alexandra changes her name as Hurrem and accepts Islam religion in order to get married with Suleiman and proof her loyalty to Ottoman empire and him.

Sultan Suleiman deeply got connected to Hurrem, she become his indispensable precious gem however Hurrem as much as loving the Suleiman she also leads him secretly in important decisions according to her will.

Frenk Ibrahim Pasha who grown up together with Sultan Suleiman and was a very succesfull man in the administration was executed by Sultan Suleiman with the games and intrigues played by Hurrem.

Hurrem was able to do anything in order to have the power of Ottoman empire by their sons.


Halit Ergenc( Suleiman the magnificent )

Hurrem Soltan ( Meryem uzerli and Vahide Gordum )

Nur Fettahoglu ( Mahidevran )

Pelin Karahan ( Mihrimah Sultan )

Ozan Guven ( Rustem Pasha)

Engin Ozturk ( Sehzade Selim )

Mehmet Gunsur ( Sehzade Mustafa )

Merve Bolugur ( Nurbanu Hatun )

Meltem Cumbul ( Fatma Sultan )


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31 Aralık Salı, 2013
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Harim Sultan
That's so pitty the real Harim Soltan Meryem uzerli had to leave the series because of her pregnancy. She s a great actress.