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Dila Hanim
Production company: Gold Film
Director: Aydin Bulut, Onur Tan
Scenario: Zulkuf yucel
Producer: Faruk Turgut
Genres: Drama, Romance
 The destiny of Two big and wealthiest families of Adana Barazogullari and Selamogullari will be re-shaped with
 the settlement of the recently married older son of Barazogullari and his wife.
When The father of  Barazogullari Mr. Seyit decide to  sell his land to Selamogullari and come to an agreement about everything with
 Mr. Riza.
 Azer,  the youngest son of Mr. Seyit, bearing a grudge against Mr. Riza since years can not accept the agreement and starts to quarrel with
Mr. Riza and pulls a gun towards him, in the same way Riza pulls his gun too however in the commotion accidentaly pulled trigger by Riza's gun 
cause the newly married Ihsan's dead. 
This unfortunate incident left a dead son and enmity between these 2 families.
Dila, the wife of Ihsan Swears to kill the murderer of his husband however without knowing the reality she met with Mr riza and falls in love with
him. Mr. Riza both suffers with the deep remorse of the accident and exposed to the growing  hatred of Dila to the murderer of his husband.
We will see if Dila will forget and forgive everything for her love or follow her swear to revenge.
Erkan Petekkaya ( Riza Bey )
Hatice Sendil ( Dila )
Ozlem Tokaslan ( Hayriye )
Necip Memili ( Azer )
Asuman Bora ( Gurbet )
Oktay Gursoy ( Metin )
Yesim Gul Aksar ( Eren hanim )
Hatice Sendil
Ali DusenKalkar ( canip )
Engin Senkan ( Seyit Bey )
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