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It is  one of the important ancient cities founded and located  370 mt. Height  over  slopes of mt. Samsun just 15 km to Soke district of Aydin city.  As a result of location on steep  rocks priene had always an advantage against enemy attacks. Priene accepted to be a member of Ionian union and it`s history dated back to 7th century B.C.

Priene city was dominated by many civilizations such as , persians, romans and Turks. City was always an important trade center with the available port . priene was also very much developed in maritime . It is found on resources that the priene was participated the Ionian revolt against persians with 12 ships. However city had lost its importance in centuries due to the alluviums and silts brought by meander river and cause to filled the sea. Today ancient site of  priene stands miles away from seaside.

What to see in Priene ?

The  most important structures in the city worth to see are ; the Temple of Demeter,  Athena Temple, the theater,  the agora,  the Temple of Zeus,  bouleuterion,  Upper Gymnasium,  Lower Gymnasium, Egyptian Temple,  home of Alexander the Great,  the Byzantine church,  a necropolis and  residential areas.

Theater of priene has a capacity of 5000 people was built in 350 B.C. The most  outstanding  structure of the city was temple of Athena which built on the highest point of the city over all structures  by pytheos ( architect of one of the seven wonders of the world Mousoleum) however today only a small part of this notable structure can be seen because of   Illegal excavations made in 18 th century over this city and smuggled artifacts.

Priene is a wonderfull ancient site very much worth to see especially structures which was built by using mathematics ,numbers and angles.

How to go priene ?

It is almost an hour drive away from Kusadasi . You can drive to soke direction and follow the signs after soke district it is only  15 km more to get priene.

It is recommended to buy a tour to discover more about the city and save your time.


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