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Miletus situated  in Yenihisar district , near the village of Balat. It is known that  the  first settlement at Miletus had begun  mid 2000 B.C  with the presence of Mycenaean colony. Then Miletus was re established  by  the Ionian leader  Nekrus who was the son of Athenian King Kodros.

Miletus was  one of the most important port city of Ionia. There are four ports available in the city. The most brilliant period of the civilization had been lived in 7 BC and 6  century B.C .  Especially after the 650 B.C Miletus was expanded and enriched with the colonies they made in Black sea and Mediterranean regions. City was conquered by the Persians in 546 B.C  and Later became an independent city in the Roman period.

Miletus was  also an important center of early Christian period   became  comparatively smaller settlement.  City was dominated later on by Seldjuks and Ottoman empire however it has lost it is importanc e during the Ottoman empire and deserted .

Miletus which was the central state of Ionia was a shining star of Anatolian shore with the developments and discoveries made in arts , sciences and philosophy. The development and improvement of the Ancient Greek civilization had started in Miletos.  Many world wide famous scholars and scientists were grown up in Miletus.   Thales , Anaksimenes , Anaksimendros  and Hekataios are just one of these we can count.

The most famous scholar from Miletus is the Hippodamos  who had created the famous grid plan ;

Hippodamos developed a new city plan which is formed by parallel and perpendicular streets crossing each other  in a grid-like rectangular blocks.  This city plan first applied to Miletus city and had used in new cities and colonies which were founded by Roman military.

What to see in Miletus ?

Theatre of Miletus, Faustina Bath, the Agora, the ceremonial avenue, monumental fountain, gymnasium, Virgilius Capito, baths, Turkish baths, the Temple of Athena stadium, Delphinion,  harbor monument, the agora, Zeus temenos Olympios, bouleuterion (Senate Building) ,Egyptian gods temenos   are the ruins to see during the visit to Miletus ancient Site.

How to go Miletus ?

If you are driving from Bodrum turn from the junction of Akbuk  and drive to the Yenikoy district follow the signs to go Balat village they will lead you to Miletus.

Many tour agencies organize a triple tour including visits of  priene , miletus , didyma  ancient sites. It is recommended to join one of these tours as you will save more from your budget and time.

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Miletus travel guide
The theater of miletus antique city is so much impressive. Walkin on the passages on top made me feel gettong ready to watch bloody gladiator fights.