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 Ardahan castle

Ardahan castle located on a hill overlooking the plain and next to Kura river which separates the old and new Ardahan .  Castle was built by order of Suleiman the Magnificent  during the Ottoman Empire in 16th mid-century and succeded to reach present day.  The excavations made in the castle shows that the  region  was dominated by various kingdoms.

The architecture of the castle is rectangular planned. Just above the entrance arch , the building  date is written as 1544. The defending walls forming a rectangular plan are in 745 mt length. Through the castle it is supported by a large number of frame-based and polygon shaped towers .

Masonry and the techniques applied in the architecture of Ardahan castle resembles the famous Rumelihisari Citadel. Ruins of a Turkish bath and mosque found in the castle.  As well as the western entrance gate there are 3 more gates available for the entrances.

Castle is very easy to acces from City center   and it is a nice place  to watch all Ardahan from a hill.

Ardahan being an important boarder city since centuries  make people to build many castles to control invaders and foreigners.

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