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Museum located in the city center  was used to be a store where a few archeological  artifacts and  Islamic period Mummies kept. The museum store was a part of  mosque complex which was built to the name of Sultan Mehmet II in 1925.


However in time with the additional artifacts and findings it was needed to have a bigger place so museum was changed into a  place to monumental Seljukian period Mosque ( gokmedrese ) in 1962.

The museum  moved to The present building on March 22, 1977, and all the things are exhibited arranged and put in a chronological in order to make people understand more about history.

Twenty four thousand Archaeological, ethnographic works of art, coins, seals including manuscripts and mummies belonging 11 different civilization are exhibited in  Amasya museum . It is the most modern and richest museum in the region.


Museum was made of three different floors. Here is the list of artifacts exhibited in the Amasya museum ;


Floor 1

 1. Hellenistic and Roman Jewelry

 2. coins

 3. Alexander the Great Treasure / Hoard of Mithridates

 4. Hoard of intrusion

 5. Seljuq Hoard / Byzantine Treasure / Hoard of  Esencay

 6. Statuette of Teshup

 7. Works of the Early Bronze Age

 8. Middle Bronze Age

 9. Hittite Art

 10. Phrygian Period Artifacts

 11. Urartu Period , Period Artifacts Scythian-Cimmerian

 12. Hellenistic Art

 13. Roman Terracotta Works

 14. Roman Bronze Works

 15. Terracotta Roman Candles

 16. Roman Glass Works

 17. Roman Stone Works

 18. Byzantine Art

 Open Exhibition: Tombs and Amphoraes


Floor 2

 1. flags

 2. weapons

 3. Manuscripts

 4. clothes

 5. Candlestick and tombak

 6. Copper Works

 7. Canakkale Ceramics

 8-9. Gas Lamps

 10. Wood Works

 11. Bath Sets

 12. Jewelry

 13. Watches

 14. astronomical Instruments

 Open Exhibition: Wooden doors and window frames

 Open Exhibition: ropery

 Open Exhibition: saddle

 Open Exhibition: Weaving

 Open Exhibition: samovarand Copper

 Open Exhibition: Agriculture samovar Machinery



I. Massoud Tomb and  Mummies Hall

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