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Amasya rock tombs


The rock tombs belonging the Pontic kings who used the Amasya region BC333 to BC 26 as the capital city were carved to the  limestone rocks on slopes of Mount Harsena.


Passing through the narrow streets of Hatuniye district and railroad you will reach the rocktombs .  There 21 rock tombs known Along the  Yesilirmak Valley however just a few of them had a chance to survive to present day. 


Rather than Rock Tombs passages carved into their backs are  more striking . Just next to one of the largest tombs in this region a tunnel is found which goes to the river .

These  tombs are carved to the limestone rocks are quiet big in size and built in  above the city.


The largest of King Rock Tombs is the one located at the furthest western  point and it  can be reached via galleries and stairs.   This cave is 15m height, width 8m and a depth 6mt. Entry gate to the tomb chamber is higher than the other tombs.  Cave also known as the "The Great King's Tomb".


The trio rock tombs located over the girls palace are carved very close to each other. The tomb at the far left has been highlighted in order to outshine the the tomb in the middle.


 The tomb located under the girls palace and above railway tunnel  was also carved into the a rock block.  Unlike other rock-cut tombs, surroundings of the tomb was not carved. In addition, there has not been stairs made as well.


Common  feature of these caves are the 2-3 mt high  gate- like entrances . Surroundings of the caves usually left empty.  The purpose of leaving around the cave  without any structure is  circumambulating  and the another reason is protection of the tombs.


King Rock Tombs were used as jail and  a place of punishment .

For example VI. Mithridates had jailed the  Roman ambassadors who were not helpfull to  negotiate to rock tombs.
Melik Gazi Ahmed Danishmend  who conquered
Amasya in 1075 had removed the Pontus burials from the tombs  and later on Graves were used  by  Christian monks who retreated into seclusion .

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