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Izmir Foca

A touristic destination located 70 km from northwest of Izmir. Foca was one of the most important city among the 12 Ioanian cities in time. Foca, as well as historical and archaeological importance is a city also mentioned in Homer's epic story.


"Rooster" and "seal" are  two mythological symbols of the area. Foca is  a unique town  with the combination of archaeological, historical, natural and urban life. Siren Rocks, Devil's Bath, Stone House (Mausoleum), Five Doors (Genoese) Castle, Ottoman-era Dis Castle, Fatih Mosque, Kayalar mosque, Hafiz Suleyman Mosque, the Ottoman Cemetery and  the civil works of architecture which reflects the architecture of the Aegean region  are the  values of the Foca district that enhance the touristic attraction of the destination.


History: Foca was an important settlement which founded by the Ionions who escaped from the Dor invasions and  founded many cities in the agean cost of Anatolia. The ancient town of Foca, including 12 Ion union is located in Aeolis.

Foca had an important port and naval power in time. Foca established colonies in  Corsica, Alain, Pushto next Velia, Marseille and on the east coast of Spain. Foca was and important port city for centuries , during the  Persia, Alexander the Great, the Genoese and the Ottoman Empire. According to Heredot Phokaians are the first hellenistic civilization to sail long journey overseas.


Climate: Mediterranean climate prevails in Foca . Winters are rainy and warm however  summers are quiet dry and rainless. The average temperature during summer is 26 degrees, sea water temperature is 22 degrees. July and August are  the hottest months of summer.


What to do in foca ?


*Visit Rock memorial grave and stone house

*Visit the islands around which  hosting the Foca Mediterranean seals,

*Eating fresh seafood in oldstyle , authentic restaurants of Foca is a must thing to do .


How to get Foca ?


You can drive in the direction of Istanbul Bursa Izmir or  Canakkale-Izmir  and just 40 km before getting Izmir signs will direct you to Foca district and a short 22 km drive will make you reach the wonderfull Foca district.

There is regular buses available from the Main bus station of Izmir as well to Foca.

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