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 Tahmis Kahvesi

Tahmis cafe is one of the most interesting place in Gaziantep  located just on the side of the Tekke  mosque . This place  is a café which was built in 1640. Café  until last year was really in a bad condition and used to be a place for the ones who likes smoking Shisha pipe and drinking traditional Turkish coffee.  Café was renovated last year and opened both for tourists and locals with its new face.

The most famous drink of the cafe is Menengic coffee ;

It is a coffee made from the fruit  produced from Pistacia tree.  There is no substance in coffee and it is  100% natural. It is a  coffee cooked in a heavy fire in the same  style like Turkish coffee

This  special coffee stops coughing , prevents the foot sweats, treat wounds , Reduces the risk of heart failure, It is good for the vocal chords and also relieves the stomach pains , this coffee also prevents hardening of the heart and blood vessels

Tahmis means a place where the coffee beans are beated and smashed. In time coffee was produced and smashed  in wallnut tree mortars that
`s why the place known and called as Tahmis for centuries.

Tahmis kahvesi ( tahmis cafe) a must place to visit in Gaziantep both to live modern and past together while drinking a traditional taste.

Contact number of the Tahmis kahvesi

phone:00 9342 2328977

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