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Alanya is a perfect holiday getaway with it’s wide beaches, historical monuments, modern hotels, motels and numerous fish restaurants, cafes and bars . A 13th century castle built over the Alanya peninsula will be welcoming you with a smashing view. A monumental octagonal red tower and shipyard  are also worthseeing.


Along the harbour road you will see many boutiques selling handicrafts, handbags, jewelery, clothes and colourful gourds which made by locals. Harbour is also surrounded with numerous bars and cafes.


What is the weather conditions of Alanya ?


Climate: Alanya has a typical Mediterranean climate . Winters are rainy and humid , summers hot and dry . Annual average  temperature in Alanya is 19 ° C  and  Sea water temperature 21 º C..


Alanya is a paradise of  sun, sea and sand . As well as getting tanned and enjoy swimming you must also try the colorfull , lively , amazing nightlife of Alanya.



How to get Alanya ?

Alanya is  135 km far from  Antalya.  The road between two cities passes through a number of residential areas and tourist spots. Public buses  are available almost every 30 minutes both from Antalya and Alanya cities . City located 130 km away from Antalya airport is also very easy to acces via a taxi.


Places to visit in Alanya


Things to do in Alanya

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Alanya Turkey
Alanya rocks!!

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